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Gundagai Sewage Treatment Plant

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council has been issued an Environmental Protection Licence by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for the Cootamundra Sewage Treatment System Licence number 1721

Licence 1721

 Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council has prepared a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP), which details the procedures for the response and reporting of pollution incidents.

Council’s PIRMPs assists Council staff and personnel to correctly identify pollution incidents, reflecting the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority’s Guidelines.

Utilisation of this plan aims to improve, monitor and demonstrate environmental performance.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan – Gundagai Sewage Treatment Plant  

Location of sampling/monitoring points are:

Point 1 Outlet pipe that discharges into the Murrumbidgee River

Point 2 Discharge from effluent storage tank to the Bidgee Banks Golf Course reuse area

Point 3 Discharge from effluent storage tank to Anzac Park, Stan Crowe Oval and Owen Vincent Oval reuse areas

Point 4a-c Utilisation area known as Bidgee Banks Golf course

Point 5 Utilisation area known as Anzac Park

Point 6 Utilisation area known as Stan Crowe Oval

Point 7 Utilisation area known as Owen Vincent Oval

Point 8 Groundwater monitoring bore

Gundagai Sewage Treatment Works EPL 1721

23-24 Pollution Monitoring Data_Gundagai STP_EPL1721

Gundagai STP_Pollution Monitoring Data 2019_DMM_6029

PIRMP Final – V1.2 June 2017

PIRMP Gundagai STP – Oct 2021

PIRMP_STP (EPL1721)_May 23

Pollution Monitoring Data_Gundagai STP_EPL1721_Bidgee Banks Golf Course

Gundagai STP- Fortnightly Report-Jan 2022

Gundagai STP- Fortnightly Report-Feb 2022

Gundagai STP- Fortnightly Report-March 2022

Gundagai STP- Fortnightly Report-April 2022

Gundagai STP- Fortnightly Report-May 2022

2020 water quality Report for Gundagai STP – May 2020

Gundagai Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Environmental Protection Licence No. 1721 Effluent Quality Monitoring Report March 2021

2022-2023 Pollution Monitoring Data_Gundagai STP_EPL1721