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As water is a precious commodity in this country, Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council is using re-use water on parks, playgrounds and sporting fields in the continuing effort to conserve and preserve portable water resources.

This recycled water is safe and suitable for all landscape irrigation, but it is NOT SUITABLE for human consumption.




Since 1994, all of the effluent from Council’s sewage Treatment facility has been recycled onto the Gundagai Golf Course and neighbouring Football oval.

Council is mindful of the need to prevent contaminants from entering our water courses and the decision made several years ago to recycle the effluent has proven to be of great benefit to the environment.

The use of the effluent on these sports facilities has also proven to be a boost to the local tourism industry with the picturesque golf course attracting many visitors with its top class greens and fairways.



In April 2002 the Cootamundra Effluent Re-use Scheme was commissioned. This scheme recycles treated effluent in an effective and environmentally friendly way into Cootamundra’s parks and gardens and reduces the amount of treated effluent entering Muttama Creek.

The re-use dam, on Gundagai Rd has 80Ml of storage and the watering of the parks and gardens can be continued in dry periods. The use of this water achieves enormous savings by reducing the demand of potable water and also reduces the amount of treated effluent entering Muttama Creek.

The dispersal of 186Ml of treated water per annum to facilitate this scheme could result in a potential reduction of 240 tonne of salt per annum to the Murrumbidgee River catchment depending on climatic conditions. Using the re-use water means that even in this dry spell the Council will be able to maintain its parks, gardens and sporting fields in excellent order so that the residents and visitors to town can continue to enjoy its facilities.

This will reduce the nutrient and salt load flowing down the creek and eventually entering the major river systems of NSW and Victoria.

The Cootamundra Community was strongly involved in the decision process and resolved that the system water nine of the many parks and sporting grounds as well as the Cootamundra Golf Course and various road reserves throughout the town The effluent reuse system comprises an 80 megalitre storage dam, Carefree water conditioner, pump station, filtration plant, disinfection unit and a dedicated reticulation system to town facilities.

A series of automated underground sprinklers enables the water to the used to advantage the community of Cootamundra.