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Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan has now been endorsed at Council’s extraordinary council meeting on 10 April 2018. Council is committed to deliver on the priorities and aspirations for the future of the Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council local government area. Again, we thank our community for their participation in the creation of the Community Strategic Plan 2018-28.

Community Strategic Plan

Background to Creating the Plan


The success of creating the Community Strategic Plan is dependent on a collective approach between the members of our community and our Council. The plan can only reflect the community’s aspirations for the future with our community’s direct participation and input.

Council acknowledges its role in facilitating the development of the Community Strategic Plan, and remains committed to ensuring the community is informed, encouraged, enabled and welcomed to participate in the development and implementation of the plan.

The Community Strategic Plan has been developed through a process of intensive community engagement. We met with our community to understand their needs and aspirations, and to identify the priorities for the future.

This is how our community participated:

Community Listening Sessions
  • 12 separate workshops (11 Community Listening Sessions, and 1 All-Staff workshop)
  • Over 20 hours of direct community conversation
  • 109 people came along to the Community Listening Sessions held during May and June 2017
  • 87 staff participated in the All-Staff workshop held in February 2017
Council Brand Development
  • 200 people attended our community meetings and workshops
  • Over 600 people answered our survey
  • 80 postcards were handed out at the Nargoon Market Day to start a conversation and encourage attendance at the workshops
  • Approximately 200 local High School students engaged as part of branding
  • Council hosted an all-day development workshop with 8 student representatives and 4 staff from local High Schools
  • 160 people provided feedback on the logo options presented
Villages Strategy
  • 103 people dropped into our Villages Strategy Sessions
  • 74 primary school students spoke to us when we visited 4 village schools
  • 92 submissions were made to the Villages Strategy consultations
Community Events
  • Over 60 people visited our stall at the Wattle Time Fair at Cootamundra in August 2017
Disability Inclusion Access Plan
  • 24 people participated in our Disability Inclusion Access Plan workshops
  • 4 hours of workshops conversations
Economic Development Strategy
  • 4 workshops were held
  • 50 community members attended
Major Projects Consultation
  • Over 110 responses regarding project priorities


What you told us

A summary of the main themes is identified below:

Pride in local community and assets

• Sense of strong and supportive community

• Concern over disharmony between the two main town communities

• Concern re employment opportunities

• Desire for greater diversity in industry and business

• Recognition of ageing population offering opportunities

• Desire to provide opportunities for young people

• Support for people with a disability

• Wish to promote the region from a tourism and residential perspective

• Call for good leadership, decision making and communication from Council

• Opportunities to take advantage of unique geographic location

Further, Council has made public a more detailed list of community feedback, which follows the format and structure of the Community Listening Sessions workshops. This document can be read below.