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DRAFT Gundagai Hilltops Bush Fire Risk Management Plan

Under the Rural Fires Act 1997 the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee (BFCC) must constitute a Bush Fire Management Committee (BFMC) for each area in the State, which is subject to the risk of bush fires. Each BFMC is required to prepare and submit to the BFCC a draft Bush Fire Risk Management Plan (BFRMP).

A BFRMP is a strategic document that identifies community assets at risk and sets out a five-year program of coordinated multi-agency treatments to reduce the risk of bush fire to the assets. Treatments may include such things as hazard reduction burning, grazing, community education, fire trail maintenance and establishing community fireguard groups.

Annual programs to implement the treatments identified in this plan will be undertaken by the relevant land managers and fire fighting authorities.

In exercising its functions under the Rural Fires Act 1997, including the preparation of a draft bush fire risk management plan, the Gundagai Hilltops BFMC is required to have regard to the principles of ecologically sustainable development (ESD). This document and the accompanying maps together form the BFRMP for the Gundagai Hilltops BFMC area.

This BFRMP has been prepared by the Gundagai Hilltops BFMC and covers both public and private lands. This BFRMP must be reviewed and updated within each successive five-year period from the constitution of the BFMC.

The BFCC recognises that climate change has the potential to increase bush fire risk. The risk assessment process applied in this BFRMP is based on current climatic conditions. The BFCC will monitor information on climate change and will modify the process when necessary.

Aim and Objectives of the BFRMP
The aim of this BFRMP is to minimise the risk of adverse impact of bush fires on life, property and the environment.

The objectives of this BFRMP are to: reduce the number of human-induced bush fire ignitions that cause damage to life, property and the environment; manage fuel to reduce the rate of spread and intensity of bush fires, while minimising environmental/ecological impacts; reduce the community’s vulnerability to bush fires by improving its preparedness; and effectively contain fires with a potential to cause damage to life, property and the environment.

The draft BFRMP will be on exhibition for a period of 42 days from 29 August 2018 until 10 October 2018.

The Draft BFRMP is on display at the following locations:
 Cootamundra – Gundagai Council Office, 81 Wallendoon Street Cootamundra  Cootamundra – Gundagai Council Office, 255 Sheridan St, Gundagai
 Boorowa Council Office, 6 – 8 Market Street, Boorowa  Harden Council Office, 3 East Street, Harden  Young Council Office, 189 Boorowa Street, Young  Cootamundra – Gundagai Web Page  Hilltops Council Web Page  Fire Control Centre – Trinity Centre Cnr East & Albury Street, Harden  SWSZ NSW RFS Facebook Page

Copies of the draft BFRMP may be obtained by contacting (02) 6386 3170 during office hours. Copies may also be obtained in person from the Harden Fire Control Centre, Trinity Centre Cnr East & Albury Street, Harden during business hours.
Written submissions on the Draft BFRMP can be emailed to the BFMC Executive Officer or by sent via post to PO Box 40, Harden NSW 2587. The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 10 October 2018.
For further enquires, contact Andrew Dillon or Tom McDevitt on 02 6386 3170

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