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Notices and Recalls

Fair Trading  issued a mandatory recall of Infinity Cables back in 2013.

The Company are till actively pursuing the recall.  These cables have proved to be unsafe in their construction and when exposed to higher than ambient temperatures, the insulation becomes brittle and with disturbance may expose live conductors in a confined space increasing the risk of electric shock to persons who come into contact with the cable.

What are products?

  • ·All Infinity TPS cable -All sizes and configurations of ‘Polymeric Insulated  Electrical Cable and which is PVC Sheathed, PVC Insulated, Flat and Flexible Low Voltage Electrical Cable’ also commonly known as ‘TPS’ imported and sold by Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd;· 
  • All Infinity Orange Round -All sizes and configurations of ‘Polymeric Insulated Electrical Cable and which is PVC Sheathed, PVC Insulated, Round and Flexible Low Voltage Electrical Cable’ also commonly known as ‘Orange Round’ imported and sold by Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd.The recall was limited to the three batches of the TPS cable only. Those batch numbers were INFH 190311, INFH 210912 and INFMEL 081112.

    All TPS and Orange Round Cable sold by Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd are branded with the words ‘Infinity’.

    The TPS cables are used in all kinds of electrical wiring work. It is used in roof spaces, wall cavities and may at times be exposed on in some accessible locations of homes.

    The cables are also used in commercial and retail premises.

    The safety issues with this cable is:

    The plastic coating insulation on the cable can become brittle when exposed to high temperatures over time. The cable can degrade through exposure to external heat such as if it is used in the roof of homes or in warmer parts of NSW.

    © State of New South Wales through NSW Fair Trading, 2019

    When the cable fails:

    If these cables fail the internal wires will expose people and/or animals to live conductors potentially resulting in electrical shock or a fire.

    Safety switches, if installed, along with other types of circuit protection will operate to shut off the circuit. Power will be cut off to that circuit.

    What home Owners need to do if they find infinity cable in their homes:

    What should I do if I think I have this cable in my house or I’m worried and not sure?

    Consumers should not try to inspect the cable. Any work on wiring or cable in your home should only be done by licensed electricians.

    Always check the licence of traders, including electricians, at the website

    If you have recently had building work done, or wiring changed or installed in your home, contact your builder or electrician and ask them to tell you what cable they used. If Infinity cable has been used, you should talk to the builder or electrician, about whether the cable needs to be inspected and whether it should be replaced.

    Have there been any fires, accidents or incidents caused by this cable? No. Fair Trading has no information that any incidents or injuries to people or property has resulted from the cable.

    TPS – End view of cable