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The Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council maintains and operates 13 Cemeteries within the Local Government Area, providing peaceful places for the interment and quiet remembrance of loved one – view the list of Cemeteries below.

There are lawn and monumental sites for burials and memorial sites for the placement of ashes. Provision of burial plots and niches are available for immediate use. Reservations for future use can be purchased in advance for ashes interments in the Columbarium Walls and Lawn Niches.

An application for immediate use is completed directly through the Funeral Director – view the CGRC Application for Burial / Interment of Ashes Form below.

For assistance with Cemetery enquiries, please contact the Council on 1300 459 689 or

2023/2024 Fees and Charges
2022/2023 Fees and Charges
Monumental Permit Applications

The Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council are responsible for the issuing and enforcement of Monumental Work Permits for all monumental works across the Cemeteries under its control.

The Monumental Work Permit Application, along with the appropriate fee must be completed by the Monumental Mason, and the family that have engaged their services, prior to any headstone or monument being repaired or constructed in any monumental section of Council’s Cemeteries.


Burial Records and Grave Locations

The Council has recently digitised their burial records and you can now search for loved ones online.  

Scan the QR Code from the flyer from any device to assist when you are walking in the Cemeteries.

QR Codes for CGRC Cemeteries

The general public can now access grave location records for each of the Cemeteries and you can download a location map (pdf report) and any headstone/plaque pictures.

These are the links:

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Wagragobilly – Darbalara Cemetery –

Mount Adrah Cemetery –

Adjungbilly Cemetery –