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Cootamundra Saleyards is situated on the Olympic Highway on the northern approach into Cootamundra.

A Prime Lamb & Mutton sale is held every second Wednesday.

Prices achieved have been proven to be equivalent or better to the larger markets in the area with our selling costs cheaper than other larger regional saleyards. We are able to do this due to the high quality stock presented and the good patronage by the industry buyers.

Cootamundra Saleyards has 5 local Stock & Station agents operating out of our facility, they are:-

Holman & Tolmie

Delta Livestock & Property

Bassingthwaighte Livestock & Property Marketing



Cootamundra Saleyards boasts:-

  • New loading ramps in the sheep yards
  • Shower & toilets for truck drivers with ample truck parking
  • Canteen on Sale days run by Can Assist providing hot food, hot and cold drinks
  • Avdata truck wash operates 24hrs a day – Contact Saleyards Manager for keys
  • Up to 10 hold`ing paddocks available for before & after sale use
  • Cattle yards available for spelling of stock


The Cootamundra Saleyards and Associated Agents yarded 3511 Sheep and Lambs at it fortnightly sale.

This was an increase of approximately 324 on the previous sale.

There was some very good quality heavy weight new season lambs along with some lighter fresh suckers

Old season lambs varied in quality with some fresh heavy weights although some are showing signs of tuff winter conditions

The market consisted of 1500 Old Lambs, 1434 New Season Lambs, 563 Sheep & 14 Rams

With all regular buyers returning and an extra new processor operating, the market was up to $ 15 to $20 back for medium weight old lambs while the heavier lambs were $ 30.00 of the pace.

This is very much in line with other regional selling centres in the last fortnight.

New season lambs sold very well to be only $ 5.00 behind last sale small numbers.

Bellvue, Jindalee once again topped the sale with an excellent pen of XB Lambs making $250.00.

With an estimated CW of 31.5 KG CW and carrying a small $ 2.00 jacket they came back at $7.90 / KG CW and were knocked own to Australian Lamb Co

Top price new season lambs were supplied by Cam Hazlett, Wallendbeen with an excellent pen of 4 month old suckers that made $246.00

With an estimated CW of 27 KG CW and wearing a $5.00 coat, they came back at $ 8.90 / KG CW, and were knocked down to ALC

Light weight suckers 16 to 18 kg CW made between $ 9.40 to $ 10.00 / KG CW

The mutton market, was up to $ 10.00 cheaper with most 3 – 4 score Mutton ranged in the $ 5.60 to $ 6.00 / KG CW, with a top price of $196.00

The hogget market remains strong with a top price of $ 186.00.


26 to 30 KG CW made from $220 to $250.00

24 to 26 KG CW made from $ 200 to $215.00

22 to 24 KG CW made from $170 to $180.00

20 to 22 KG CW made from $ 150 to $180.00

18 to 20 KG CW made from $1450 to $165.00

16 to 18 KG CW made from $140 to $160.00.

Cootamundra Saleyards and Associated Agents would like to advice that our next sale is on Wednesday the 21st of August, commencing at 8.30



Gundagai Cattle sale was held last Friday 7 June 2019. Agent yarded approximately 1700 head. The quality of the stock was a credit to the vendors considering the season being experienced. There was a large crowd on hand. Top price for Angus Steers was $1120.00. Most were purchased by re stockers with only a few pens going to the Feedlots. Cootamundra agents were prominent in the bidding for lighter steers & heifers.