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The Delivery Program is designed as the single point of reference for all activities undertaken by Council. It details the activities to be undertaken to achieve the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan over the four year Council term.

The Operational Plan is a sub-plan of the Delivery Program which directly addresses the actions outlined in the Delivery Program and identifies projects, programs and activities that Council will be undertaking within the next financial year. It is supported by a detailed budget, as well as a Revenue Policy and Council’s Fees and Charges.


Final Operational Plan 22-23

2022-2026 Delivery Program


Past Operational Plans

Operational Plan 2021-2022

Full Operational Plan 2021-22

Actions (projects and activities) 2021-22

Revenue Policy 2021-22

Long Term Financial Plan 2021-22 – 2030-31

Fees and Charges 2021-22

Operational Plan 2020-2021

Delivery Program 2018-19-2020-21

Delivery Plan Addendum February 2021

01 Operational Plan 2020 2021 Part 1

02 Operational Plan 2020 2021 Actions Projects and Activities Part 2

03 Revenue Policy 2021 Part 3

04 Operational Plan 2020 2021 Part 4 LTFP

05 Operational Plan 2020 2021 Fees and Charges Part 5

Delivery Plan Addendum February 2021

LTFP Addendum February 2021


Operational Plan 2019-2020

Operational Plan 2019-20

Revenue Policy 2019-20

Fees And Charges 2019-20

Long Term Financial Plan 2019-2030

Operational Plan 2018-2019

Operational Plan 2018-19

Revenue Policy 2018-19

Fees and Charges 2018-19

Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2028