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Policy Title Date
Access to Information Policy 26/07/2019
Activities Approval Policy (Local Government Act) 24/11/2020
Agency Information Guide 27/10/2020
Banner Booking Conditions Policy 25/08/2020
Civil Events and Ceremonial Functions Policy 28/04/2020
Code of Conduct for council staff 25/08/2020
Code of Conduct for councillors 25/08/2020
Code of Conduct for council committee members, delegates of council and council advisors 25/08/2020
Code of Meeting Practice 25/08/2020
Companion Animal Management Plan 25/02/2020
Community Donations Policy 28/04/2020
Concealed Water Leak Policy 27/10/2020
Cootamundra Sport and Recreation Facilities User Groups Policy and Procedure 29/10/2019
Corporate Credit Card Policy 27/11/2018
Debt Recovery Policy 08/12/2020
Digital Media Policy 24/06/2018
Drinking Water Quality Policy 31/07/2018
Employee Assistance Policy 14/11/2016
Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan 24/09/2019
Footpath Inspection Policy 23/05/2016
Fraud Control Plan 27/08/2019
Internal Reporting Policy 30/01/2018
Investment Policy 31/07/2018
Legislative Compliance Policy 30/03/2021
Media Policy 21/09/2017
Model Asbestos Policy 10/10/2016
Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy 24/09/2019
On Site Sewage Management System (OSSMS) Policy 26/05/2020
Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Mayor and Councillors Policy 24/04/2018
Pesticide Notification Plan  25/02/2020
Policy Control (Governance) Policy 27/03/2018
Privacy Management Plan 24/09/2019
Procurement Policy 28/01/2020
Rates and Charges Financial Hardship Policy 08/12/2020
Records Management Policy 16/01/2017
Related Party Disclosure Policy 28/07/2020
Restricted Assets Policy 07/08/2017
Staff Grievance Resolution Policy 15/08/2016
Statement of Business Ethics 24/09/2019
Street Tree Management Policy 30/08/ 2019
Use of Information Technology and Communication Devices Policy 24/07/2018