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Current Documents on Public Exhibition

Council recognises that community input is vital in order for proposals and projects to respond effectively to local needs and to succeed.

Council obtains this community input by placing plans and proposals on Public Exhibition and inviting community feedback. This process ensures that local residents, organisations and other stakeholders are informed about what is happening in the area and can have their say on the areas future.

To make your submission to Council, please to do so in writing to Council by the advertised submission date. Submissions may be:

  • Delivered to Council’s Offices in Cootamundra or Gundagai.
  • Posted to: The General Manager, Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council, PO Box 420, Cootamundra NSW 2590.
  • Emailed to If you choose to email your submission, please phone us if you do not receive any acknowledgement, in order to confirm that the email was received.

PLEASE NOTE: All submissions/feedback received may be included within the official Council agendas and minutes, including personal information about the submitter’s identity and location. Agendas and minutes are made available to the public on Council’s website. If you do not wish to be identified in Council’s agendas and minutes, please indicate this in your submission.

Activities Approval Policy

At the September Council meeting it was resolved to place the Activities Approval Policy on public exhibition for 28 days, public comment will be taken until 5pm 16 November 2020.
Activities Approval Policy (LocalGovernment Act 1993)

The purpose of this Policy is to establish and outline specific activities that may be carried out without the
need to obtain approval from Council under certain circumstances, and to set criteria for those activities
where approval from Council is required.
The objectives of the Policy are to:
 Make our towns and villages more liveable and friendly.
 Enhance the character of the urban environment.
 Provide for the appropriate use of footpaths, plazas and public areas that will;
o Contribute positively to the streetscape character,
o Boost trade for retailers,
o Enhance opportunities for social interaction
o Promote activities that are compatible with other community uses of the public space
o Ensure safety and accessibility for all users.
The Activities Approval Policy has been developed and adopted under Chapter 7, Part 3 of the Local
Government Act 1993 (the Act). The Policy is divided into three parts:
 Part 1: Exemptions from activity approvals
 Part 2: Criteria for activity approvals
 Part 3: Other matters relating to activity approvals
This Policy applies to the activities requiring approval from Council as listed in Section 68 of the Local
Government Act 1993, and sets out the circumstances in which Council will not require an activity approval
to be obtained.

A full description of the policy can be viewed here: Activities Approval Policy (Local Government Act)



Closed Documents on Public Exhibition

Click on the above link to view closed documents that were on public exhibition.