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Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032

Over the coming months CGRC will be seeking community input into the development of its Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. The Framework is made up of an integrated suite of documents which
will guide the actions that Council, the community and key stakeholders will take to meet the aspirations and priorities of a vibrant, and dynamic community.

The Framework consists of:

• The Community Strategic Plan (10 years)
• A Resourcing Strategy:
o Long-Term Financial Plan (10 Years)
o Strategic Asset Management Plan (10 years)
o Workforce Plan (4 years)
• Delivery Program (4 years)
• Operational Plan (annual)

The Framework will ensure Council can plan, within its means, for sustainable maintenance and renewal of infrastructure and provision of services.

Council’s Community Strategic Plan aims to outline the community’s priorities and aspirations for the future, and the strategies to achieve them. In planning now for the future, Council can begin working in collaboration with the community and other partners to deliver our community’s preferred future.

The success of the development of the Community Strategic Plan depends on a collective approach between our community members and Council. This plan can only reflect the community’s aspirations for the future with the community’s direct participation. The Council will ensure the community is informed, encouraged, enabled, and welcomed to participate in the development of the plan. Involvement of all community members and maximising participation will be achieved by implementing a variety of engagement techniques.

Council will employ a co-ordinated approach to determine the plan’s priorities and deliverables and will present to the community a plan that is accessible and fair.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Tuesday 28 September 2021 COuncil adopted the Community Engagement Strategy for the Community Strategic Plan 2022.  This document will continue to evolve over the term of the engagement.

Community Engagement Strategy for Community Strategic Plan 2022 Final Version adopted