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What is a DCP?

Development control plans provide specific, more comprehensive guidelines for types of development, or small sections of the planned area. Councils can use development control plans to make local planning more detailed, or adopt their own codes. These allow the council to provide specific, more comprehensive planning policies for individual types of development, or particular sections of the local government area.

Currently, Council has a DCP that applies to the area covered by the Cootamundra LEP 2013.  The area covered by Gundagai LEP 2011 does not have a DCP.  As with the LEP a single comprehensive Development Control Plan for the entire Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council is to be developed.  The DCP will take account of the unique features of areas covered and ensure that controls are appropriate to protect and enhance the function and uniqueness of places.

Adopted-version- of-DCP- 2013-October- 2015.pdf
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