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Cootamundra 2050


Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council undertook extensive community engagement with the Cootamundra community throughout June 2019 to capture not only how the residents were feeling about their town and what opportunities they saw for the town in the future.

The community consultation uncovered that the key values citizens want for Cootamundra 2050 are for Cootamundra to be, Friendly, Community orientated, Well serviced, Vibrant, and Sustainable.

By planning for the future, Council can partner with the people of Cootamundra to deliver the physical infrastructure and services they need to be the friendly, sustainable and well serviced community they envision. This time of reflection and planning is the opportunity for Cootamundra to be a more liveable, sustainable and prosperous town.

Following public exhibition of the Strategy, the Cootamundra 2050 Strategy was adopted by Council in November 2019.