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It’s exciting to start your own business. Once you make the decision to start a food business, there are several steps you have to follow before you can legally begin to operate. These are designed to protect the consumer, and also to make sure you’re following the proper food business procedures.

All food businesses in NSW must either:

  • Hold a current NSW Food Authority licence (this applies only to specific food businesses in sectors covered by a Regulation under the Food Act 2003; or
  • Notify the Food Authority of their food activity details. This applies to almost all other food businesses and includes those involved in temporary events and businesses which sell any sort of food or food ingredient as any part of their business. It is required by national food law (Food Safety Standard 3.2.2)

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Food Business


During routine inspections, Council Health Inspectors will check that a food business has appointed at least one FSS for the premises (or per business for mobile caterers), and ask to see a copy of the FSS Certificate.

Food Safety Sheets
Council-Food- Inspection-Sheet- (Blank).pdf
Guide-for- Food-Vending- Vehicles-and- Temporary-Food- Premises.pdf
Food-Safety- For-Community- Events.pdf