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Pet ownership brings with it a number of responsibilities. Owners are required to ensure cats and dogs are identified by microchip by the age of 12 weeks and registered by the age of 6 months. Please note that Microchipping is not Registration.

Any person wishing to Lifetime register a dog or cat can do so at either of Councils Offices. You will need to bring with you any necessary documentation such as microchip details, sterilisation certificate, breeder’s card or pension card.

If your animal is impounded into Councils Animal Care Facility, it will be kept for 14 days if the animal is microchipped. If the animal is not microchipped and nobody has come forward to claim ownership, then the animal can only be kept for 7 days.

All impounded dogs and cats are required to be microchipped and registered before being released under the Companion Animals Act.

Animals can be released between the hours of 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday (Public Holidays excluded) by contacting the Council on 1300 459 689.

The current 2022-23 release fees for impounded cats and dogs are:

  • Microchipping of Impounded Animal Only $22.00
  • Release fee from Pound (1st Offence) $35.00
  • Subsequent impounding within 12 months of the first, release fee $54.00
  • Maintenance (per day or part thereof) $25.00
  • Surrender a Companion Animal $ 108.00
  • Euthanasia Fee – includes Vets cost and Pound Release Fee – At Cost

The NSW Office of Local Government have set the following Companion Animal Registration Fees for 2022-23

Registration Type

Registration Description

Current Fee

Dog – Non Desexed

Registration fee for a Dog not desexed by the relevant desexing age


Dog – Desexed

Registration fee for a desexed Dog


Cat – Desexed

Registration fee for a desexed Cat


Cat Non Desexed

Registration fee plus an
 Annual Permit for non desexed Cat



Dog / Cat Desexed-Eligible Pensioner

Desexed Dog or Cat owned by an eligible pensioner


Dog Non Desexed-Recognised Breeder

Dog not desexed and kept by a recognised breeder


Cat Non Desexed-Recognised Breeder

Cat not desexed and kept by a recognised breeder


Desexed-Sold by Pound/Shelter

Desexed Dog or Cat sold by an eligible pound or shelter


Assistance Animal

Dog or Cat registered as an Assistance Animal


Working Dog

Working dog – Living on Primary Production land


Rangers can be contacted on 0417 465 228 (Cootamundra) or 0407 894 269 (Gundagai).