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In June, 2018 Council received funding from the Office of Environment and Heritage to complete the Wallendbeen Strategic Heritage Study and King Street Revitalisation Plan. This Project is a three stage project. The first stage of the project is to complete the Heritage Study which will inform the King Street Revitalisation Plan by providing recommendations based on heritage significance, impact and design. Stage two of the project is the conceptual plan of the revitalisation of King Street. Stage three includes six stories being uploaded to the Heritage Near Me App. Stage three is run in conjunction with stage 1 and 2 of the project and is being completed independently by the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Stage one of the Wallendbeen Heritage Study and King Street Revitalisation Plan began in November, 2018 with the appointment of ngh Environmental. Project Manager, Jakob Ruhl, is the consultant who will undertake the required work. Community consultation occurred on the 19th November, 2018 with approximately 14 people in attendance. A site inspection and photographic heritage assessment was completed on the 20th November, 2018 the details of which are included in the Draft Wallendbeen Strategic Heritage Study.

Engagement and feedback during the community consultation was considered by Council staff and as a result the project scope was expanded to include more heritage significant items and aspects which were identified by the community. As a result of the additional work it was necessary to extend the proposed timeline for the report to be completed from the 24th December, 2018 to 29th January, 2019. As such, Council received the amended draft report which has been provided under separate cover for the consideration of Council.

The heritage study meets the requirements of the project scope and provides recommendations that will inform the urban designer once a consultant has been engaged. Council is now required to place the Draft Wallendbeen Strategic Heritage Study on public exhibition for 14 days commencing 27th February, 2019 and concluding 13th March, 2019. 

The document is available to view at Council’s Administration Centres in Cootamundra and Gundagai and available by clicking on link below

Wallendbeen Heritage Study (Adopted 26 February 2019)