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Council elections – Saturday, 9 September.

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Village Strategy

The Village Strategy is all about making sure that we make the most of the assets and community spirit that exist in our small villages. This consultation seeks people’s ideas on what the potential opportunities are to improve or reinvigorate the villages, as well as identifying any barriers that Council might address. The purpose of the Village Strategy is to inform and shape recommendations for future Local Environment Plans, Development Control Plans and Engineering Guidelines.

Villages Strategy Engagement Report


Want to have your say? Become part of Council’s digital community panel.

Council wants to hear from a broad cross-section of representatives within the community to ensure all groups have the opportunity to be engaged and involved in raising community ideas and solutions.

This local knowledge and insight will support the continuation of the good work that has already been done in building a strong future-focused Council. With your input and support, we can continue to ensure that the elected Council in September has solid, community-led foundations from which to deliver this region a dynamic future.

If you would like to make a difference and become a part of this panel, please register your email address at:

Those who have registered will receive contact from Council the week commencing Monday, 26 June 2017.

Stronger Communities Fund
Major projects List
Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) was provided $10 million from the State Government to kick-start the delivery of priority infrastructure and services for the local community, following the merger of the former Councils in 2016.
This Stronger Communities Fund (SCF) consists of two programs:
Community Grant Program, allocating up to $1 million in grants of up to $50,000 to incorporated not-for-profit community groups, for projects that build more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local communities.
Major Projects Program, allocating $9 million funding to larger scale priority infrastructure and services projects that deliver long term economic and social benefits to communities.
Community Grants Program
46 community groups from across our region are reaping the rewards of successfully securing over $1 million in funding through the SCF grants program.
Council was very pleased to be able to fund 46 out of the 89 applications received, totalling $506,219 for Gundagai and surrounding communities and $602,972 for Cootamundra and surrounding communities.
In the past, Council would not have been able to provide this level of support to so many important initiatives throughout our region.
All applications were assessed by the SCF Assessment Panel in accordance with guidelines produced by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.
Major Projects Program
The balance of the Stronger Communities Fund, $9 million, is for Council to invest in larger scale projects to deliver long-term economic and social benefits. In accordance with the guidelines.
Council made the decision regarding the allocation of the funding across a range of projects at its ordinary meeting held on the 31 July 2017.

Program Details
To ensure the Stronger Communities Fund is allocated to projects in an open and transparent way, the NSW Government required Council to apply high standards to the decision making process, including the appointment of a local assessment panel that includes an independent probity adviser.

Funding Criteria
Councils are to fund projects that deliver new or improved infrastructure or services to the community.
Projects that are prioritised for funding must meet the following criteria:
have been through a community consultation process
demonstrate social and/or economic benefits to the community
consider issues of sustainability and equity across the broader community
demonstrate project feasibility and value for money, including full lifecycle costs
did not have funds allocated by the former councils
give consideration to the processes and procedures outlined in the capital expenditure review guidelines issued by the Office of Local Government.
Assessment Panel
The Stronger Communities Fund Assessment Panel is prescribed by the NSW Government and is to include:
Administrator or delegate
State Members of Parliament or representative
Regional Coordinator of the Department of Premier and Cabinet or delegate
Other members, appointed by the Administrator, as required
An independent probity adviser, appointed by the Administrator to advise the Panel on their deliberation and assessment process
Project Selection
Council officers have developed a program of priority projects following consideration of current asset condition data across the CGRC area, community strategic plans of the two former councils and projects contained in existing Asset Management Plans.
The list of projects under consideration have also been reviewed by Council’s Local Representative and Implementation Advisory Committees.
Council have recently hosted a number of community listening sessions for the purpose of preparing the next Community Strategic Plan and Villages Strategy, at which valuable feedback was gathered and has contributed to Council’s understanding of community priorities for potential investment decisions.
The proposed projects for the $9 million Stronger Communities Fund Major Projects Program are as follows:
1. Cootamundra Water Main Replacement $2.0M
2. Water Supply to Nangus Village $1.295M
3. Stormwater Mitigation Strategy $1.0M
4. Large Scale Adventure Playground and fitness centre $1.0M
5. Footpath Renewal Program $500K
6. Cootamundra Large Scale Teen Children Playground $500K
7. Water Supply to the Dog on the Tuckerbox $600K
8. Cootamundra Pool Water Park $400K
9. Cootamundra Cemetery Alternate Access Road $400K
10. Gundagai Pool Tiling & Disabled Ramp $300K
11. Gundagai VIC Redevelopment- Ramp & Disabled Toilet $300K
12. Saleyard Lighting and Electrical Upgrade $300K
13. Fisher Park Lighting Upgrade $250K
14. Investment into Department of Education Multi-Purpose Facilities $200K
15. Gundagai Netball Courts Upgrade $200K
16. WWII Fuel Depot Site access and paths $200K
17. Stephen Ward Rooms-Library Outdoor Area $200K
18. Gundagai Main Street Public Toilet $150K
19. Cootamundra Pool Shade cloth $100K
What happens next?
Council will presente the projects for assessment to the Stronger Communities Fund Assessment Panel. The assessment panel reviewed all projects, including community feedback, and made recommendations for Council to formally endorse.
A report including the panel recommendations was presented to Council on 31 July 2017. The projects endorsed by Council can be viewed here.
Successful projects will be included within Council’s Operational Plan for delivery. Funding under this program is required to be spent or committed by 30 June 2019, with all funding acquitted before 31 December 2019.

These are all important projects. What happens if a project is not funded, or has not made the shortlist?
Council staff responsible for infrastructure projects are regularly reviewing grant opportunities and alternative funding to enable new projects to be delivered in future operational plans.