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Deputy Mayor – Cr Dennis Palmer

Dennis was elected as a Councillor for the former Cootamundra Shire Council in 1999 and elected as Deputy Mayor in September 2013.  He was Chairman of Engineering Services committee and was also Councils delegate on the Board of Goldenfields Water County Council.

He and his wife Frances own and operate a mixed farming enterprise and have two children, Michael and Emma.  Dennis completed his automotive trade in Cootamundra before commencing his own motor vehicle repair business in 1980.  They now own and operate a franchised dealership in town.

Dennis is an active member of Lions Club, having held various executive positions over the past fifteen years.

He has a positive vision for our future and is focused on the growth and prosperity of the community for the benefit of all residents in the Shire.

Dennis is also registered as a Justice of the Peace.