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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) is seeking input from local residents for the Gundagai Villages Flood Study. Council has recently engaged flooding consultants HydroStorm Consulting to undertake a flood study for the villages Coolac, Nangus, Tumblong, Darbalara and those residing in the Murrumbidgee floodplain outside Gundagai. The flood study aims to explore and assess flooding in these areas and as such local community input is crucial for better understanding and addressing potential flood risks in these communities.

Engaging with the community serves the dual purpose of keeping the community informed about the project’s progress and provide an avenue for residents to share information about their past experience with flood. Residents in close proximity to waterways in the villages can anticipate receiving a newsletter along with a questionnaire. The newsletter will provide details of the ongoing study and the questionnaire will seek to gather information on the flooding experienced by the residents.

The community will have additional opportunities to provide feedback at the later stages of the project. A community workshop would be held towards the end of the study offering residents the opportunity to share their insights and comments on the study.

For further details regarding the proposed work or to share any concerns related to the Gundagai Villages Flood Study, residents are encouraged to contact HydroStorm Consulting, Habib Rehman, Senior Consultant, HydroStorm Consulting, Ph 027232 0400, email or CGRC’s Craig Perrin, Ph 1300 459 689, email

More information can be obtained on the CGRC website at or complete the questionnaire on

Picture and caption: Gundagai Villages Flood Study is seeking input from residents.