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Inconsiderate people across the local government area (LGA) are costing Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) residents thousands and thousands of dollars by illegally dumping rubbish or depositing the wrong items in recycling bins.

A CGRC spokesperson said, “Our employees are continually picking up rubbish and items that have been illegally dumped in laneways, roadsides and are dealing with rubbish put in the wrong bins. We are frequently seeing general waste, put in the green and yellow recycling bins. This practice contaminates the process of recycling.”

CGRC garbage trucks are fitted with camera’s and can record where breaches on the type of materials being disposed of are occurring, in many cases the drivers will not pick up the bin if it is contaminated with general waste.

Mattresses used pallets and unidentified garbage or causing concerns for Council employees, who have the task of cleaning it up and are frustrated that the message just isn’t getting across.

Council issued a warning recently when loads of items were dumped at the front of charity stores, camera’s, posters and lights are now in place to warn against this practice, however it has now moved to more discreet locations, causing fire and rodent hazards and costing ratepayers thousands in clean-up costs.

CGRC mayor Cr Charlie Sheahan, said he was dismayed that irresponsible and inconsiderate people are taking advantage of Council’s employees and wasting valuable resources.

The people who dump illegally and put rubbish in recycling bins are denying ratepayers and residents services that could be implemented if we weren’t spending money on cleaning up after them.  The costs must be recovered, and these costs are reflected in waste charges. The irony in all this is many who do dump general rubbish into recycling bins, ring Council and complain that their bins haven’t been emptied!” Cr Sheahan said.

“I’m putting the call out to all residents, DOB in a DUMPER! If you see anyone illegally dumping, please call Council, we need to put a stop to it. Its not only unsightly and dangerous, it’s costing us all dearly,” Cr Sheahan added.

The penalties for illegal dumping can be very hefty, particularly if the EPA become involved. On-the-spot fines for illegal dumping are up to $7500 on-the-spot fine for individuals, if issued by the EPA and $15,000 on-the-spot fine for corporations, if issued by the EPA.

Picture and caption:

Mattresses and general rubbish dumped in a laneway in Cootamundra this week.

Green recycling bins filled with general waste, contaminate the recycling process.

Illegal dumping of rubbish and contamination of recycling bins is costing ratepayers thousands and denying residents of services that could be implemented if recovery costs decreased. Mayor calls for DOB in a DUMPER!