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TRANSPORT for NSW Media Release

Speed review boosts safety for Cootamundra

Motorists will soon experience safer journeys at Cootamundra with the speed limit set to be lowered next month.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said, Transport would reduce the speed limit on Temora Street and Boundary Road to 80 km/h and extend the existing 50 km/h transition.

“The reduced speed limit is a result of a review by Transport following a request from Cootamundra-Gundagai Council due to the increased traffic in the area and based on past crash history,” the spokesperson said.

The volume of traffic has risen following the closure of the Wallendbeen Bridge and development growth in the area.”

“Reducing the speed limit will reduce the likelihood of crashes and will mean there is a consistent speed zone on sealed roads in residential estate areas.”

The existing 50 km/h transition on Temora Street will be extended 183 metres north west to the Temora Bridge.

The speed limit will be reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h from Temora Bridge for two kilometres north west, to the southern side of Barana Road.

The 50 km/h transition on Boundary Road will be extended 143 metres north. The current speed limit of 100 km/h will be reduced to 80 km/h from the new 50 km/h transition to the Temora Street intersection. The new speed zone will come into effect on Wednesday 3 May, weather permitting.

Motorists are reminded to drive to the sign posted speed limit at all times.

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