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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) has commenced work on the redevelopment of the Gundagai Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

 CGRC Parks and Gardens team will undertake the relocation of the Rose Garden at the front of the VIC to new garden beds within Carberry Park.

The Parks and Gardens team have assessed the area, and have determined that now is the time to transplant the roses as they are in a dormant stage of growth. The team are aware of the significance of the garden and will be taking all due care for the survival of the plants.

The team have had success in transplanting and reusing mature plants with the relocating of a number of plants during the Carberry Park development and main street refurbishment.

Photo and caption:

CGRC Parks and Gardens Team are relocating roses from the front of the Gundagai VIC to prepared garden beds in Carberry Park, in preparation for the redevelopment of the Visitors Information Centre.