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New playground equipment installed at Gundagai’s Friendship Park has been designed and speaks the language of pre-teens according to the manufacturer.

The new equipment has been designed to challenge the pre-teen set, to test their strength and make their own rules when it comes to interacting with each other on the equipment.

The ultra-modern, contemporary structure is complemented with a traditional style slippery dip, and swings. A new pod style swing has also been installed, and is a safe wraparound cradle swing for toddlers.

The $60,000 Stronger Country Communities Fund round two project, has been completed with Council’s Parks and Gardens staff and a local contractor installing the softfall mulch and completing the finishing touches to the new fencing and play equipment. 

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke said she was delighted that another SCCF project within the CGRC region encourages children to get outdoors. 

“Playgrounds enable children to develop their physical abilities, their self-confidence, feed their imagination and help them learn to play with others,” Ms Cooke said. 

“I am so pleased the SCCF has brought to life a project that creates a unique playground for children who aren’t always catered to. I’m excited to meet with everyone at this fantastic facility once everything returns to normal,” Ms Cooke said.

CGRC mayor Cr Abb McAlister said playgrounds within the region are important and he looks forward to seeing another one completed.

“These are areas where children challenge themselves, where they interact with each other and develop a sense of pride in their neighbourhoods and communities. It’s a place where they can gather and talk to each other. I’m pleased that we have been able to update the equipment in Friendship Park and retain some of the more traditional equipment,” Cr McAlister said.

Photo and caption: The new equipment in Gundagai’s Friendship Park is designed for the Pre-teen set.