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Cootamundra Saleyards is situated on the Olympic Highway on the northern approach into Cootamundra.

A Prime Lamb & Mutton sale is held every second Wednesday.

Prices achieved have been proven to be equivalent or better to the larger markets in the area with our selling costs cheaper than other larger regional saleyards. We are able to do this due to the high quality stock presented and the good patronage by the industry buyers.

Cootamundra Saleyards has 5 local Stock & Station agents operating out of our facility, they are:-

Holman & Tolmie

Delta Livestock & Property

Bassingthwaighte Livestock & Property Marketing



Cootamundra Saleyards boasts:-

  • New loading ramps in the sheep yards
  • Shower & toilets for truck drivers with ample truck parking
  • Canteen on Sale days run by Can Assist providing hot food, hot and cold drinks
  • Avdata truck wash operates 24hrs a day – Contact Saleyards Manager for keys
  • Up to 10 holding paddocks available for before & after sale use
  • Cattle yards available for spelling of stock


The Cootamundra Associated agents held their fortnightly sale on Wednesday the 1st November with a yarding of 6291 head. This was a decrease of just over 1500 head on the previous sale.

The market consisted of 3400 New Season Lambs, 1416 Old lambs, 776 Ewes, 414 Hoggets, 95 Rams, 13 Wethers & 177 Old sheep.

With all regular buyers present, the market opened to a cheaper trend, which was mainly quality related, although as the market progressed the sale did improve.

Once again there was an excellent run of New Season Fresh Sucker Lambs presented, although some woolly lambs are starting to show signs of dryness.

While the market did not reach the extreme prices of the previous sale, the agents all reported a very strong sale, with new season and new season shorn lambs keenly sought after, and sold accordingly. 

Top price of the day for New Season Lambs went to John Holihan, Jindalee, with a quality pen of fresh  Lambs making $170.00. The Lambs, with an estimated carcase weight of 26.5KG and a skin value of $10 came back at $6.15 / KG CW and were knocked down to Fletchers International.

Top price new season shorn lambs went to Will Smirl, Cootamundra making $168.60. Also weighing 26.5KG, and with very little skin value they came back at $ 6.40 / KG CW

While the processor were active there was a lot of restocker interest and they paid upto $128.00 for lambs returning to the paddock.

Most prices were in the range of $6.10 to $6.45 / KG CW although light restocker lambs made up to $6.90 TO $7.00 / KG CW 


XB New Season Lambs:

24 to 26.5 KG CW made from $155 to $170

20 to 22 KG CW made from $145 to $165

18 to 20 KG CW made from $120 to $140

16 to 18 KG  CW made from $110 to $120

14 to 16 KG CW made from $80 to $105.00

larger run of Old Season Lambs were presented this sale but still produced some good results with prices making $6.00 to $6.20 / KG CW 

The mutton market was of good quality, with some bigger weights than the previous sale and the market for mutton was extremely firm to slightly better than last sale.

The top price went to a pen of heavy ewes making $ 138. Medium framed mutton made from, $80 to $110.00. Light boner mutton made from $35 to $55. All mutton averaged $114.00 per head.

Mutton sold to a dearer trend to be up $2 to $5.00 or between $3.80 TO $4.25 / KG CW

A good run of hoggets sold to a top of $146.20 to average $108.00, while rams were in demand and averaged $91.00 

COOTAMUNDRA Saleyards and Associated Agents would like to advice that the next sale is scheduled for Wednesday the 15th of November commencing AM . Please book early with you preferred agent.