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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) has installed a no stopping zone on Cootamundra’s Parker and Hovell Street intersection, to alleviate visibility concerns and allow motorists safer navigation through the busy Parker/Yass Road and Hovell Street intersection.

This area has always been a popular location for community members to park vehicles they wish to sell. A report regarding visibility concerns was presented to the Local Traffic Committee at the 10 August 2023 meeting resulting in a recommendation to install NO STOPPING signs at this location.  The Council endorsed the recommendation at the Council Meeting held on 22 August 2023 and signs are now in place.  The regulatory team are providing educational warnings to vehicle owners and have advised that fines will be issued to repeat offenders.

 No Stopping Zones are in place for safety and traffic flow. It means No Stopping at all, even for moment, to drop off or collect a passenger, or park a vehicle.

 CGRC staff will continue to monitor the area, however fines for breaching a No Stopping zone can be issued, and currently stand at $285.00.

 Picture and caption:

 No Stopping Zone installed at popular location for the display of vehicles for private sale. Fines can be issued. Council is currently conducting an educational warning program to those who have vehicles parked in the zone.