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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) Mayor Charlie Sheahan is irate about dog faeces being left on the streets and paths around Cootamundra.

The mayor on his morning walk came across the doggy doo outside the Westpac Bank in Parker Street Cootamundra on Wednesday morning and sent in a picture with caption this is just not good enough!

The mayor called for a statement to go out to the community, pleading with dog owners to clean up after their dogs.

“This is just not good enough from a community that prides itself on our wonderful parks, gardens, and environment. Council provides plenty of opportunities for dog owners to clean up by supplying doggy doo bags and bins in most parks and public places. Council issues warnings and notices regularly highlighting the need for dog owners to pick up after their dogs,” Mayor Sheahan said.

Pet owners are reminded that hefty fines are in place for failing to immediately dispose of faeces – $275.

“Only a few months ago, Council made local news headlines on the same subject with dog faeces at the cemetery. I received many comments from residents who were disgusted about the amount of dog poo left on streets and paths because pet owners are too lazy to pick up after their dog, I call on residents to dob in a doggy doo delinquent! If you see it happening, take a photo and send it into Council, if the offender can be identified Council officers may pursue legal avenues and issue a fine.,” Mayor Sheahan added.

Picture and caption:

CGRC mayor Cr Charlie Sheahan is fuming that repeated calls to the public about leaving dog faeces on streets is being ignored. He was confronted with the mess pictures on his morning walk down Parker Street Cootamundra.