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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC), Waste Staff are currently working with Albury based company The RockYard to produce green waste.

Green waste shredding is the biodegradable waste or green waste that can be composed of garden or park waste, such as grass or flower cuttings and hedge trimmings.

CGRC mayor Councillor Charlie Sheahan said, Councils waste staff are to be congratulated on the professionalism they are displaying whilst working through the current stockpiles of green waste and pending compost materials.

Council’s contractor The RockYard, are shredding the current stockpile of fresh green waste and sieving exiting stockpiles of composting green waste materials.

The waste staff working with the co-operation of Councils Operations Department, and are processing, stockpiling, and allocating material to the relevant areas, in preparation for testing, tagging, and obtaining the relevant approvals. Ready for sale to the local community and regional landscape suppliers.

“There is currently a solid demand for high grade composting material. Councils’ product is graded as superior material. The material is tested for all manners of contaminates, nutrients and PH levels. The material will be graded into 3 main categories, being material suitable for top dressing lawns and gardens. The green waste material is suitable for gardens and horticultural purposes, and a high-quality garden mulch,” Cr Sheahan said.

Once the processing is complete, a compacted new stockpile area for green waste disposal will be completed, giving our community a solid base whereby they can drop off their loads of green waste without the threat of getting bogged during wet weather.

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CGRC Waste and Operations Staff are processing and stockpiling approximately 23,000m3 of green waste that will be available to the local community and landscape suppliers.