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A local family were dismayed and appalled recently when visiting the Cootamundra Cemetery to find dog faeces on the grave of a loved one. After cleaning up the headstone and plaque, the family reported the incident to Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) Regulatory staff, who tend to the cemetery.

CGRC mayor Cr Charlie Sheahan said it was a very disrespectful act and felt for the family.

“This is not the sort of thing we as a community can condone, our cemeteries are sacred, they are places where we pay our respects to those we have loved and lost. To find such a disgusting deed, left behind by the owner of the dog is despicable, the photos taken by the family are too revolting to show here,” he said.

Council would like to remind pet owners that all dogs are to be on a leash and please ensure they clean up after them. Bags are available at the entrance to the cemeteries and dog walkers are encouraged to always have the bags with them. Hefty fines are in place for failing to immediately dispose of faeces – $275 and $330 for dog not under control in public place. 

 “I know our community is better than this, and I’d encourage pet owners to be responsible, show some respect and always clean up after your dog, whether it’s the cemetery, park, or street. Leaving a mess your dog has left, sends a clear message that you don’t care about your community,” Cr Sheahan added.

 Picture and caption:

The entrance to the Cootamundra Cemetery where disposable bags are located for dog owners to clean up after their dog. Mayor Charlie Sheahan calls for dog walkers to show some respect.