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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) staff have commenced clean up tasks in Muttama Creek.

The creek transverses through the town, and has been in the news of late, with recent flooding events and the Draft Cootamundra Floodplain Risk Management Study.

Residents have been invited to public meetings, given the opportunity to participate in a survey and invited to submit submissions on the study. Overwhelmingly residents have stated so far that the creek was in desperate need for a clean out. Opinions on this clean out differ and the scope of work on this task requires permits and authorisation from several government agencies.

Over the last week CGRC staff have undertaken the removal of shopping trolleys, tyres and other debris, found in the creek. Council staff have retrieved several trolleys and machinery will be required to remove several more located near the bridge in Wallendoon Street.

Abandoned shopping trolleys cause a build-up of debris and restrict water flow and incur a cost to Council for removal. The dumping of tyres in waterways restricts the flow of water and causes harmful effects on the environment and wildlife as tiny particles from the tyres shed. Materials from tyres include synthetic rubber, filling agents, oils and other additives impact organisms and pollute the environment. Along with restricting water flow.

Residents are reminded it is an offence to abandon shopping trolley and polluting the environment by illegally dumping rubbish including tyres in public spaces. Large fines can be incurred.

Council staff have removed a number of exotics plants from the creek, focusing at this stage on the area downstream of the Mackay Street bridge. Work will continue as resources become available.

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Council staff have removed several shopping trolleys from Muttama Creek in Cootamundra, work will continue as machines and resources become available.