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The NSW Government has made a change to the legislation in relation to Impounding. Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) has amended the Council website to reflect the changes.

 The new laws were necessary to manage abandoned property such as vehicles and other items left in public spaces, that are deemed to create a safety risk.

 The new rules cover vehicles left in public spaces, small or medium sized personal items, livestock left in public or trespassing onto private land, shopping trolleys and share bikes.

 Council will notify the owner that their item is causing a safety risk, once notified the owner must respond and move the item within specified time frames. If the time frames are not met, Council may move or take possession of the item and issue a fine.

 Under the new Act, the onus is on individuals and businesses to better manage their own items, supporting the Governments commitments to keep public spaces safe and accessible for the community.

 The Act is to encourage persons responsible for property to mitigate risks to access, safety and amenity that may arise from property being left unattended and to ensure public spaces can continue to be used, shared, and enjoyed by the community by providing a scheme for dealing with unattended property; and to repeal the Impounding Act 1993. [Assented to 29 November 2021]

 More information can be obtained by visiting Council’s website

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New laws have been introduced to manage abandoned property. Abandoned property includes livestock, vehicles, and items that are found in public spaces.