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Cootamundra Region – Motorists/residents in the Yannawah (North/East of Stockinbingal area) are advised roads are in varying states of derogation. While they are trafficable, there are sections that have been eroded considerably and still have water running across, beside and laying on them.  Council urges motorists to exercise caution on not only these roads, but all roads within the Council area, until a full evaluation of inspections have been compiled. There are numerous roads affected, some are :- Yeo Yeo Hampstead Road, Mabereen Lane, Hoffmans Lane Yannawah Lane, Smithers Lane Grangers Lane, McCaffreys Lane, West Bethong Road,

North Berthong Road, Joes Road, Old Wallendbeen Road and many others.

Council staff are currently evaluating and making their way around LGA roads to report back on conditions.

There will be areas where there is damage that will not have appropriate signage as it is impossible to place and / or obtain signage at this point. Sign makers are at maximum output at current.

Remember if it’s flooded forget it!!