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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council will have skip bins strategically placed in Cootamundra for residents effected by the flood to use free of charge.

The bins will be located at:

Southee Circle                  (Builders waste only)

Mitchell Park                     (Builders waste only)

Creek Side Car Park                        (Builders waste only)

Corner of Adams/Cutler/McGowen           (Household waste only)

Residents are asked to sort the rubbish (as best as they can). The bins will be emptied as needed and put back in place by Council. As the need arises the bins will be moved to areas that require assistance.

Residents affected by the flooding in Cootamundra are also able to dispose of flood damaged materials at the Cootamundra Landfill site free of charge. Residents using this service will have their details recorded and Council will seek emergency funding from the NSW Government to cover disposal costs.

Gundagai residents/property owners who have been directly impacted by local flooding, will be able to take flood damaged materials to the Gundagai Landfill without charge, but must be via bookings only. Bookings can be arranged via the Cootamundra and or Gundagai Office call 1300 459 689.