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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC), mayor Cr Charlie Sheahan is calling for the community to respect and support CGRC staff and each other after an incident concerning a staff member was reported to police.

“I understand the Boundaries Commission inquiry and public forums have opened up some festering wounds. We all understand the passion our community have for a demerger proposal to be successful, however there is never any excuse for residents to abuse, intimidate or verbally assault Council staff members as they carry out their daily duties,” Cr Sheahan said.

Councillor Sheahan would not comment on the incident but did call for calm after comments during the Boundaries Commission public forums incited ill feeling within the community.

“The hearings are over, we now have to wait for a decision from the Minister for Local Government, everyone including Council has had the opportunity to present their opinions, voice their concerns and reiterate to the Commissioners their outrage at the forced merger of the former Gundagai and Cootamundra Shire Councils. No good will come out being disrespectful to each other or the CGRC staff,” Cr Sheahan said.

“Our staff are the greatest resource we have as a Council, they have worked their way through six years of uncertainty, community mistrust and added pressure due to the community discontent. They have jobs to do, and that is to deliver services to their community. They need your support, your understanding and in particular your empathy.”

“Whether we like it or not, CGRC is the body we have in place to administrate our local government area, it’s the body that delivers services and operates facilities for our communities. To effectively administer those services and operate those facilities our communities enjoy and deserve we all have to work together, pull together as a team and support one another,” Cr Sheahan added.

Any incidents that involve intimidation, abuse and assault of staff will be reported to the police.

Photo and caption:

Mayor Charlie Sheahan is asking the community for respect and calm in the wake of the Boundaries Commission hearings.