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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) in conjunction with Department of Primary Industry (DPI), Local Lands Services, are calling on expressions of interest from farmers in the LGA to tackle Thistle infestations.

CGRC’s Biosecurity Officer, will visit affected landowners to assist with identification and appropriate management and control skills. Chemical control assistance will also be available for the reduction of Scotch/Illyrian thistle infestations.

The program seeks to coordinate and utilise the expertise and knowledge of the CGRC Biosecurity staff, working alongside landowners to protect primary production and the general environment from the impacts and problems caused by Scotch and Illyrian thistles.

In NSW, Scotch thistle and Illyrian thistle are major weeds of pastures. It will compete with pastures and reduce their carrying capacity. The main form of spread is by seed. The seeds have fine hairs which can easily attach to stock and clothing. The seed is often spread in hay, on machinery or vehicles. The seed can also survive the digestive tract of sheep. The seed of Illyrian thistles (Onopordum illyricum) are well suited for wind and water dispersal.

This Council Program is open now and numbers for the program are limited. Interested landowners are encouraged to contact Council on 1300 459 689 or via to register their expression of interest – The program will run until the 30 June 2022.

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Thistle infestations compete with pastures and reduce carrying capacity. Farmers can get help with the control of Scotch and Illyrian thistle by contacting CGRC and participate in the thistle eradication program.