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The NSW Government (the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Crown Lands and Transport for NSW) is working with the Gundagai community to acknowledge the historical significance of the Prince Alfred Bridge (timber road viaduct).

The timber road viaduct has not operated since 1984 and has not been required for transport since that time. 

The NSW Government is planning to dismantle the timber road viaduct in November 2021, due to public safety and ongoing deterioration. The structure’s quick removal is also necessary to protect the lives and habitats of bats, who begin to breed in the timber structure during December.

It is not feasible to restore the timber road viaduct given the large cost that would be involved, the requirement for large amounts of timber, future ownership and maintenance requirements, and a lack of public need for the disused viaduct. 

The NSW Government is working with Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council and the local community to deliver a whole-of-government approach to achieve the best outcome for the community. 

To learn more about this project and to participate in the online survey and share your ideas on memorializing the bridge, visit

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The survey is open until 31 October 2021.