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At the ordinary meeting of Council held on Tuesday 28 September 2021, Council has adopted the Domestic Rural Waste Initiatives put forward by the Manager Waste, Parks and Recreation Services. The initiative has been developed in response to rural community residents’ inquiries regarding free waste disposal and access to the Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) landfill sites for domestic waste.

Since the introduction of the rural waste charge, there has been several inquiries received from rural ratepayers that currently receive no domestic waste collection service, however, these rural ratepayers pay an annual waste charge in addition to paying to take domestic waste to a CGRC landfill site.

By adopting the initiative, rural households will receive free access to their local landfill sites for the purpose of emptying a Council provided wheelie bin used solely for the purpose of disposing of household domestic waste.

CGRC mayor Cr Abb McAlister said the initiative has met with responses from rural ratepayers, regarding waste management.

“I’m pleased this initiative is now being implemented, and I encourage rural ratepayers to take up the opportunity to get their wheelie bin, and utilise the service,” Cr McAlister said.

Rural residents will need to apply to Council for the issue of one 240Lt bin per rural residential only (black bin with red lid) free of charge. The cost of bins be funded from the waste reserves. Bins will only be issued on formal application to CGRC, to enable all property details are recorded into Council’s waste management system. Each rateable property is limited to one bin only.

The bin issued will have a Council logo, and branded DRWM (Domestic Rural Waste Management) and will remain the property of CGRC. There will be no limit to the number of visits to landfill sites when emptying the bin, and no waste charge on the approved bin will be imposed when the contents of the bin is disposed of at a CGRC Landfill site.

Single rateable properties with more than one liveable house would be required to pay for an additional Waste service of $70.00 pa. Any unbranded bin will not be accepted at a Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council Landfill as part of this initiative.

Picture and caption:

Rural ratepayers will be able to dispose of domestic waste with a Council supplied wheelie bin.