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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council will celebrate Youth Week 2020 with a Youth Week activity that challenges our youngsters to complete each day.

The “Crazy Covid Holiday Hunt” will consist of 9 days of scavenger hunt type challenges – Some challenges require real items to be verified at the library and others require digital validation via upload in the form or Facebook.  All the items and photo proofs must be their own work and obtained using covid-19 safe practices including social distancing.  The hunt is open to all youth – 12-25yrs.

 Prizes will include some great fitness packs that contain a fitness mat, dumbbell, resistance bands, circuit rope, workout dice, drink bottle, GCY/CYC bag and other bits and pieces. 20 will be given out across both towns.

 Each day a new challenge will be on social media the night before and include the QR code with instruction on the challenge and how to submit (whether virtually or physically) Points are gained for each successfully completed task and will be tallied up at the end to find the top competitors.  

 The “Crazy Covid Holiday Hut is open to all youth aged from 12 to 25 years and will be conducted by the Cootamundra and Gundagai Libraries from Monday 28 September till Friday 9 October 2020.

A challenge will be uploaded the night before onto the Gundagai and Cootamundra Youth Council social media platforms and will also be available from the Cootamundra or Gundagai library the next morning.

For more information please contact the Cootamundra or Gundagai Library on 1300 459 689 or check out the Libraries Facebook pages.