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With recent developments in the COVID-19 situation in Victoria and NSW, residents across the region are urged to take precautions against the transfer of Coronavirus, by continuing to practice social distancing and increased hygiene regimes. With the easing of restrictions on travel and social gatherings, residents should also be mindful of where they have travelled recently, with whom they may have been in contact with and how they have travelled.

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) have enacted COVID-19 safe work plans across all Council facilities. Including Visitor Centres, Museums, and other Council/Volunteer services. These safe work plans include sign in books, hand sanitising stations, extra cleaning regimes and social distancing measures with limited persons allowed in a space depending on the floor area.

Whilst these plans are in place to protect all, residents are urged to take responsibility for their own actions and think about where they have been, with whom they may inadvertently been in contact with and take extra precautions when attending public events. Particular attention should be paid if they have visited an area that has been identified as a “hot spot” or is known as Coronavirus cluster sites, have travelled on public transport or been in contact with large groups of people.

CGRC mayor Cr Abb McAlister implored all residents to be mindful of others and not become complacent.

“We’ve done a great job so far, in keeping this virus at bay, and the number of visitors we get through our region makes it especially difficult. Please keep up the good work on social distancing, and washing those hands, but please don’t be indifferent to the danger. Think about where you have been, who you may have been in contact with and the implications of unintentionally passing this virus on,” Cr McAlister said.