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16 APRIL 2020


50 years, 100 years from now seem a long way off. If history tells us anything, it is the importance of major events. Looking back on history, The Bubonic Plague, The Spanish Influenza, and now Covid-19 are significant events in the human timeline. They are studied by historians, anthropologists, scientists and students to learn from past experience and improve preparedness for the future.

Given the enormity of the Covid-19 pandemic as an international event, it is inevitable that students, historians, and scientists will return to it as a topic of study in the future. Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council, Cootamundra Library have commenced compiling an archive of materials relating to the 2020 pandemic experience in Cootamundra, in both digital and hard copy formats.

Cootamundra Library are encouraging residents to be a part of this collection and invite the community to send in copies of photographs of the town and its people during this time, diary notes and blog entries, newspaper clippings, videos of children singing songs while they wash their hands, pictures and artworks of your stay-at-home experience, stories of the impact business, travel plans, camping adventures at home, interactions using technology.

This archive will be kept for future generations to study and learn from the experiences we are going through right now.

Anyone can contribute!

Residents are asked to send material to the Cootamundra Library and please mark it with your name.

All contributions will be stored on site in the Local History collection at the library.

Digital documents, pictures, and videos can be emailed to us at . If residents have material in hard copy, please email the library with a description and they will arrange to have it copied.

This archive will be a valuable repository for the history of our town. Please consider making a contribution.

For more information, phone the Cootamundra Library on 1300 459 689