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9 April 2020
Addressing Community Concerns in regards to Waste Strategy

CGRC has been undertaking an extensive review of its entire waste operations. These include the harmonisation of the Domestic Waste charges, tip fees, Material Recycling Facility (MRF) operations, and land fill operations, village tips, transfer stations, the Bald Hill contract and its involvement in the management of the South West Regional Waste Management Group.

The waste review has been initiated in response to the ever changing need for CGRC to review its operations and find more effective and efficient methods of managing its waste, its compliance with State and Federal Regulations and meeting compliance requirements as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

CGRC is currently reviewing in detail the existing MRF operations currently being managed and operated by a contractor, for which the initial contract has expired. Council MUST under legislated procurement requirements comply with local government regulations, and as such, any new contract, or renewal of a contract, with a value of over $250,000 must go out to public tender.

Council has NOT made any decisions on how the MRF will be managed at this point in time, apart from fulfilling its requirements of going to tender if the operation is to go to contract. This will be determined once the tenders have closed, been reviewed and determining if any of the submissions received are considered appropriate, meaning by having met all the performance and selection criteria.

This process does not exclude the existing contractor from making a submission, however, it must be made very clear that all conditions of the tendering process MUST be complied with. Each and every interested party considering submitting an application should ensure they read and understand the requirements of the tender conditions. It must be noted that any applicant can be omitted from the tender process by not following the tender process correctly.

“Council is committed to working collaboratively with our community to realise sustainable visions for our future. We will be open and transparent with our communication and will call on the community to give input when Community Consultation on the waste Strategy commences,” CGRC mayor Cr Abb McAlister said.

It is CGRC’s intention to hold community consultations on the Waste Strategy in the future, on dates yet to be determined, as it works through the issues of the strategies implementation. Should any member of the community have any questions or concerns regarding waste and its management please contact the administration centre on 1300 459 689 during business hours or email