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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC), has completed the installation of new CCTV cameras at the Cootamundra Waste Depot.

12 cameras were installed to monitor movements throughout the precinct and enable staff to view loads that arrive within high sided trucks and trailers. The cameras will act as general security and will give Council the ability to check on the distribution of goods dumped. Ensuring that offenders dumping illegal items can be identified.

The cameras cover all entry gates, weighbridge, unloading and dump zone at the domestic waste pit, recycling drop off area and CRC (Community Recycling Centre) shed. Extra cameras were installed to ensure the security of the site outside of normal tip hours. The new camera system has the capability to be viewed remotely from an online portal via a computer. Ex 

These cameras will become part of the proposed redesign of the waste depot. 

Photo and caption:

New CCTV cameras installed at the Cootamundra Waste Depot will give Council the ability to monitor movements and loads coming into the facility.