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The Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council will be undertaking an audit of the NSW Companion Animal Register of cats and dogs over the coming 8-10 weeks that are currently unregistered.

 Microchip Identification and Lifetime Registration greatly assist the Council in returning your pet in the event that they are lost, hurt or stolen. It also provides the Council with a more effective means of keeping track of cats and dogs for the benefit of the wider community.

 Under the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998, cat and dog owners must undertake two steps to provide their pet with lifetime protection:

  1. Permanent Microchip Identification and
  2. Lifetime Registration.

In NSW, all cats and dogs, must be registered by 6 months of age, this includes all working dogs. The Registration fee is a one off payment, which is paid at Council Offices and this covers your pet for its lifetime, regardless of any changes in ownership. The 2019/20 Registration Fees can be viewed on Council website at

If you have sold or given away your pet, you are still responsible for changing the details into the new owner’s name, and until that happens you are responsible for the animal.

 If your cat or dog has died, you must also notify the Council within 28 days of its death.

For any enquires regarding the upcoming audit, please Contact Nicky Godber, CGRC Ranger on 0417 465228 or 1300 459 689.