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5 November 2019

Keeping our kids safe

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council’s (CGRC) recent partnership with The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation (LBD) has seen an increase in signage around region to include Preschools and Schools.

Additional Hold My Hand signs have been erected at the exits from local schools and preschools recently. The colourful signs remind parents and young children to take care when crossing roads.

Formed by Sydney parents Michelle and David McLaughlin. The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation is dedicated to the prevention of roadside child pedestrian accidents through community education and awareness.

The McLaughlin’s son Thomas was tragically killed in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident while on a family holiday in January 2014.

The Little Blue Dinosaur campaign is targeting motorists to slow down and be aware of unpredictable children near roadways. It is strongly recommended by Australian road safety experts that children aged 10 years and under should always have their hand held by an adult when out about in our traffic environments.

CGRC deputy mayor, Cr Dennis Palmer urged all parents of young children to hold their hands whilst crossing the road.

“This is a fantastic road safety initiative, I implore all people who have young children with them to take hold of their hand when crossing roads, young children are easily distracted, can’t judge distances and can act on impulse. A car travelling at 40km/h will travel 22 metres, in just 2 seconds we all need to be aware and keep our eyes on the road and our youngsters safe,” Cr Palmer said.

Figures from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) state that between 2011 and 2015, 37 children aged 5 to 12 were killed and a further 3149 injured on NSW roads. This includes 732 pedestrians, 2148 passengers and 239 cyclists.

Picture and caption:

  1. CGRC Deputy Mayor Cr Dennis Palmer and CGRC Executive Assistant to the Mayor and General Manager Marianne McInerney with students from Cootamundra Preschool beside the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation Hold My Hand signage recently erected at the preschool.
  2. CGRC Deputy Mayor Cr Dennis Palmer (Left) and Sacred Heart School Principal Nicky Trinder (far right), with students Liam Drum, Olivia Blackney, Emily Dickenson, John McGuinness, Charlotte Gay and Ned Hazlett reinforcing the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation’s message Hold My Hand.