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5 November 2019

Appreciation Shown

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council’s (CGRC), free camping RV friendly sites attract a large number of visitors each year.

CGRC officers who maintain these sites are often complimented or little notes left expressing appreciation for providing such areas.

A note with receipts was dropped into the CGRC offices at Gundagai this week, the note thanked Council for the lovely spot.

The attached receipts from local shops showed the amount of money this particular family spent in Gundagai during their one night stay. Over $200 was spent at supermarkets, bakeries and local café’s.

CGRC mayor Cr Abb McAlister said the value of providing these RV friendly sites and free camping area has a huge impact on the local economy.

“These free camping sites, are becoming very popular with travellers, visitors are able to spend more time in our communities and the flow on effect is felt by the amount of money they actually spend in our local businesses,” Cr McAlister said.

The free camping phenomena has been growing in popularity with many caravans and campers set up with solar panels, on board toilet and shower facilities and gas appliances for self-sufficiency.   The sites are being promoted through social media, smart phone apps and RV industry magazines.

Picture and caption:

The Thank you note with attached receipts dropped into Gundagai Council Offices this week from a happy camper.

The Gundagai Pump House Reserve free camp site on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River attracts a number of campers each week, the popular site is advertised on