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18 September 2019

60km/h speed zone extended in Stockinbingal

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) and Transport for NSW (TfNSW), will extend the 60km/h speed zone on Burley Griffin Way at Stockinbingal.

Following requests from residents, TfNSW carried out a review of the existing speed limit zone and has recommended that the zone be extended west of Hoskins Street and east of Stockinbingal/Ellwood Street for a total length of approximately 837metres.

CGRC Road Safety Officer, Anthony Carroll who along with Stockinbingal residents were advocating for the extension of the speed limit zone raised a number of points with TfNSW in their request to have the review undertaken. These points included:  

The school bus route around town will be exposed to less 100km/h traffic.

 The 60 km/h zone will extend past the narrow bridges, therefore the narrowness of the W beam guard rail will aid in slowing people more effectively. 

The 60 km/h signs will be removed from the bridge infrastructure and will be clearer to see when East of the Stockinbingal Road.

Residents in Hoskins Street will not be entering the main road into 100 km/h oncoming traffic, with the approaching traffic on the western side being obscured by the bridges and W beam guard rails.

Traffic turning from the Cootamundra intersection on the Stockinbingal Road will be turning onto 60 km/h traffic along the Burley Griffin Way rather than into 100 km/h approaching traffic.

The recommended change aims to ensure that the speed zone on Burley Griffin Way is consistent with the road use, adjoining land uses and adjoining speed zones which will provide a safe and consistent environment for motorists.


Picture and caption:

The 60km/h speed zone in Stockinbingal will be extended to slow traffic entering the village on the Burley Griffin Way.