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8 August 2019
Local Government Week
Local Government Week is a great opportunity to showcase and celebrate the work and services councils provide to their communities.

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council uses the week to encourage the community to explore the ways in which local government is part of their lives, and what their council does.

CGRC has hosted drop in sessions at Cootamundra and Gundagai this week that allowed residents to speak to Councillors and Council staff.
“Local Government Week 2019 is the perfect opportunity to highlight the important services that our council provide to the community,” said CGRC mayor Cr Abb McAlister.
Local government is at the heart of our communities, providing the services and infrastructure that help make a neighbourhood a home to residents and ratepayers.
“Local government is about a lot more than the three Rs: Roads, Rates and Rubbish. This year, our theme is ‘Your Council’ celebrates the breadth of services, roles, and duties that local government performs.”
Local Government Week offers the perfect opportunity to find out what Council does and to learn about services you may not know about,” Cr McAlister said.
“As the third tier of government in Australia, local government is the one that has most direct contact with ratepayers and residents, and the one that provides the vital services that keep our communities, villages, and towns, functioning,” Cr McAlister added.