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Explanation and list of Activity Types and links to different application forms

The following activities require the lodgement of a Section 68 Activity Approval application:

PART A1 – Install a manufactured home, movable dwelling or associated structure on land
PART B4 – Carry out sewerage work
PART B5 – Carry out stormwater drainage work
PART B6 – Connect a private drain or sewer with a public drain or sewer under the control of a Council or with a drain or sewer which connects with such a public drain or sewer.
PART F2 – Operate a caravan park or camping ground.
PART F3 – Operate a manufactured home estate.
PART F4 – Install a domestic oil or solid fuel heating appliance, other than a portable appliance.

An approval for an activity under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 can be sought from Council. A Section 68 Application form needs to be completed and submitted to Council, along with the relevant application fees.